The collective developed policy recommendations about what a “just” policy response to Florence should look like. The recommendations demand that legislators hold corporations accountable for making Florence toxic and fully fund the recovery from one of the country’s costliest hurricanes, including funding for affordable housing and regular health screenings.


To uplift what a “just recovery” looks like, in October, survivors held a press conference at our distribution warehouse in Raleigh and an advocacy day at the General Assembly when they convened to discuss relief funding. Images and video from those event have been used in local coverage of the relief funding from the state.


As we move past the the November elections, we are looking ahead to planning for the long-term. This includes convening a summit for survivors and discussing what community-led hurricane preparedness looks like before the next hurricane season and another advocacy day around the next meeting of the General Assembly in late November..


Press Statements

Just Florence Recovery Press Conference 10/1/18 Statement

We have just heard from community leaders about some of the impacts brought by Hurricane Florence.

Such as the 7 million gallons of untreated swine feces that were unleashed into floodwaters and waterways, which can cause kidney problems, vomiting, fatigue, stomach problems, skin infections and other issues.

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