Monetary Donations


About NC Hurricane Florence Frontline Fund host organization – Blueprint has been supporting Eastern NC leaders to build a regional table that centers black and working class people. With Florence’s devastating impact, Blueprint and ENC partners, community members and leaders will need help meeting basic necessities like food, water and shelter. This fund will support groups that do not have the capacity to receive online donations, but who are already providing leadership and offering direct services to those bearing the brunt of economic and environmental devastation in the region. 

Men and Women United for Youth and Families

Men and Women United for Youth and Families provides economic and climate justice training for rural, low income communities and communities of color in Bladen, New Hanover and Columbus counties (in the area around Wilmington, NC).  They are now distributing supplies to families in the area.

Downeast Coal Ash Coalition

The Downeast Coal Ash Coalition in Goldsboro, NC organizes community members who have been impacted by coal ash pollution; this area is at now at high risk of toxic contamination from flooding of the large coal ash containment pits in the area.  Send donations to the Rebuilding Broken Places, CDC.

Sacred Pathways

Sacred Pathways is an indigenous organization in Pembroke, NC, focusing on emergency response and food distribution for the area. This region (Robeson County) was severely flooded during Hurricane Matthew 2 years ago, and continues to face ongoing environmental injustices such as the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and a proposed LNG station.  Give online by going to  or

NC Environmental Justice Network

The NC Environmental Justice Network supports the communities that are most impacted by environmental injustice and has worked for 20 years to change the fact that industrial swine facilities in NC are allowed to pollute low-income communities and communities of color. Many members of NCEJN are now facing the threat of contamination from the flooding of massive hog waste stored in open pits.

Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC)

Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC) organizes hundreds of new members each year, trains and educates thousands of farmworkers on their labor rights, resolve countless grievances on farms throughout Ohio and North Carolina, forms new community organizing committees, and expands the campaign to press tobacco companies to respect freedom of association. Farmworker communities, primarily Latinx, face a dual danger. The storm itself poses a direct threat to life and limb, but farmworkers now risk losing their entire livelihood as well. Undocumented workers are in an even more tenuous position, as reports of ICE agents circulating through damaged communities, and even standing guard over emergency shelters, begin to filter out of affected areas.

Supply Donations

Supplies purchased on wish lists below will be sent directly to distribution centers

If you are collecting supplies yourself, or for a supply drive, please see below:

If supplies are going to a large shelter, separate them into large categories (diapers, flood, medix). If supplies are going to be dispersed to individuals, arrange quick packs of needed items (toothbrush & paste, tampons, TP, water, protein bars)

If you are purchasing goods to bring down immediately, prioritize medical & personal. cleanup and household will be needed once water levels lower.

Personal Supplies

  • Basic toiletries – toothbrushes, toothpaste, period products (diva cups, pads, tampons etc), hair care, soap, lotion, talcum powder
  • Sleeping bags, pillows, blankets
  • Baby formula and baby food (MREs do not meet nutritional needs of infants), breast pumps, bottles, bottled water, diapers (cloth or disposable), carriers, strollers, car seats
  • Children’s toys, games, puzzles, cards, books, art supplies
  • Water
  • Nonperishable, high nutrient density food
  • New, seasonally appropriate clothes of all sizes (for humid, hot weather)
  • Wheelchairs, walkers, canes, catheters, alcohol wipes, and “diapers” for adults/larger kids with disabilities

Medical Supplies

  • herbal medicines/tinctures
  • vitamins
  • mosquito repellent
  • ice packs
  • catheters
  • colostomy bags
  • clean needles
  • bandages (especially the waterproof kinds, NexCare is a good brand)
  • gauze
  • medical tape (plastic and paper)
  • nitrate medical gloves
  • antiseptic cleaners
  • pain relief
  • sanitizer
  • tweezers
  • muscle pain relief balms/ointments
  • cold remedy
  • (this is just a start. many medical donations would be helpful)

Clean Up Supplies

  • Storage – plastic tubs, contractor bags, boxes, buckets, tarps, duct tape, sharpies
  • Work tools – especially for demolition: hammers, axes, shovels, crowbars, tarps, screwdrivers, drills, box cutters and extra blades, crowbars, screwdrivers, drills, wheelbarrows, wire cutters, ladders
  • Cleaning supplies – heavy duty respirator masks (n95 or better), knee high rubber/rain boots, rubber gloves and thick work gloves, bleach, mops, brooms, rakes, garbage bags (especially large contractor bags), sponges, towels, heavy duty paper towels
  • Mold remediation supplies – borax, tea tree oil or vinegar are herbal products that eliminate black mold, as well as commercial “mold control”/other concrobium/ specifically mold-remediation products which tend to go quickly in affected sites.
  • Pest Control Supplies- Fire Ant poison, Diatomaceous earth or other alternatives, Mosquito repellent,

Health & Household Supplies

  • Dehumidifiers, fans, flashlights, lanterns – especially solar powered
  • Solar power chargers, long-lasting/heavy duty/water-resistant power sticks, batteries of all kinds
  • Dog food and emergency pet supplies like leashes, flea medicine
  • Large coolers, large cooler bags
  • Relevant gift cards: Home Depot, Lowes, Target, IKEA, Walgreen’s, H.E.B.